Fleet & Drivers

A chauffeur’s main duty is to ensure the passengers safety and well being in the most extreme conditions such as inclement weather, long distance travel and to be trust worthy towards a client property by keeping it safe and secure.

Therefore our chauffeurs have undergone courses involve evasive and defensive driving.

  • Defensive Driving
  • Armored Limousine Service
  • Service in all European countries
  • Itinerary planning
  • Road shows
  • Shopping trips
  • Royal and diplomatic protocols observed

As chauffeurs appearance and manners reflect upon the passenger image and our company’s reputation.

Our chauffeurs are mature with vast experience in the trade. They are well-groomed individuals with conservatively dressed in a clean and crisply pressed suit, proper etiquette used when they are in presence of the clientele.

During any journey, our chauffeur has the assistance of our Personal Concierge Service that is dedicated to providing a speedy reliable service while you concentrate at task on hand.

Maybach 62 Exterior Maybach 62

Luxurious executive travel is epitomized by the Maybach 62. Travel in the most modern and sophisticated and comfortable environment available. The Luxury Brand Status Index 2008 voted the Maybach 1st place, ahead of Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Mercedes relaunched the sleeping Maybach luxury marque in two distinct flavours: the 57 and the 62. The longer wheelbase 62 is like a private jet for the road, featuring all the amenities found in a modern luxury home and a few more you would never consider having whist travelling along at motorway speeds. Maybach 4 zone climate control tinted-windows.

Rolls Royce Phantom Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls Royce Phantom is undoubtedly one of the finest cars ever built. The Phantom saloon has been built with the passenger in mind.

Bentley Arnage Bentley Arnage

The Bentley Arnage has the presence and stature that is appealing to the discerning client. A distinctive shape and world class craftsmanship make this one of the finest and most luxurious cars.

Mercedes S600 Guard Pullman Mercedes S600 Guard Pullman

The Mercedes Benz S-Class Pullman can easily be distinguished from the long-wheelbase version of the S-Class by virtue of a wheelbase which has been extended by another full meter. The suffix Pullman alone is enough to give away the noble character of the new limousine not to mention outstanding comfort and a fully equipped mobile office.

Mercedes S-class Mercedes S-class

The S-Class has cemented its position as the premier car in its class. With its new design and the very highest levels of comfort, this is a true leader in luxury motoring.

BMW 7 Series BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 series is car with a long history and pedigree for chauffeuring. It is a definite rival and contender to the Mercedes S-Class in comfort, style and design.

Mercedes E-Class Mercedes E-Class

Elegant design, supreme comfort, innovative technology and dynamic styling make the new generation of E-Class saloons the best ever.

Mercedes Viano Mercedes Viano

The new Viano is a clever blend of Mercedes-Benz values: quality, attention to detail, first class safety and flexible seating options.